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Over the past twenty-five years, our efforts to lose weight have become a constant obsession with weight and body image. In our culture, “fat” has become a four-letter word. Or as Lance Armstrong told the wife of a former teammate: “I called you crazy. I called you a bitch. But I never called you fat.” How did we get to the point where the worst insult to anyone is “obese”? Where women and girls (and increasingly men and boys) diet, cleanse, overeat, eat less, and blame themselves and others, all in the name of losing weight?

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As a scholarly journalist, Harriet Brown examines this passion and collective consolidation from an objective perspective. As a mother, husband, and wife with “weight problems,” she has struggled to understand them on a personal level. Now, in Body of Truth, Brown systematically unravels what has been presented as the “truth” about weight and health.

Starting with the Big Four Lies, Brown shows how research has been manipulated. How the medical profession participates in keeping us in the dark. How big medicine and big, empty promises equate to big dollars. How much of what we know (or think we know) about health and weight is wrong. And how they all affect us all every day, whether we know it or not.

Striving for health and wellness has never been so urgent, yet many of us continue to pursue fashionable diets and unattainable body ideals, unaware of the damage we are doing to ourselves. Through his interviews, research, and experiences, Brown not only tells us the true story of weight, health, and beauty, but also offers tangible suggestions on how each of us can sort out lies and misconceptions. Make peace with and for ourselves. .